A pregnant woman was among the four deceased in a fatal road mishap which happened on Wednesday, January 28.

The victims died after a trailer crushed two commercial buses known as danfo at Mile 2 area of Lagos.

Eye witness accounts on Facebook revealed that the buses were plyingon the wrong way when they collided with the trailer.

“Kindly help us appeal to the government of lagos state to live up to their responsibility, stop one way driving on the express, stop Okada people numbering over 300 hundred or more occuping the inner most lane on the express,” a commenter on Nairaland begs. ,

“The bus drivers were following one way oh to avoid the mile2 traffic. The one way thing along that axis has be going on for long.I was terrified when i passed the scene this morning.So sad to hear soul's were lost.It's well,”

A Facebook user named Folorunsho Shaji also revealed that his friend was among those injured from the accident and is currently receiving treatment in the hospital.

“A friend was in one of the buses but thank God sh. Is the hospital with stiches......RIP in peace to the deseased, God continue to keep us,” Folorunsho Shaji writes.