Police in Benue state of Nigeria have arrested a man who allegedly killed her little daughter in a bloody manner, saying he sacrificed her to God as he demanded.

The Bible says even when God demanded of Abraham to sacrifice his only child, Isaac to him, he subsequently commanded Abraham not to touch the innocent son, saying he only wanted to test his faith.

However, in the case of the alleged murderer identified as John Depuun, he reportedly snatched the poor little girl from his wife and took her to a bush in Mbangur, Tse-Agberagba, Konshisha LGA, Benue state, where he killed her.

According to yabaleftonline.ng, John Depuun admitted to the heartless killing, insisting that he did so in compliance with the instruction of God.

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He is quoted as saying: “It is my sheep and I decided to sacrifice it to God as demanded of me. I have not laid my hands on anyone’s child and as such, should not be condemned.”

While some family members have been reported as saying the alleged murderer is mentally deranged, he himself insisted that he was mentally sound and committed the bloody crime consciously.