3 women go mad after losing husbands

The three women affected were reported to have watched their husbands as they were butchered by the Fulani herdsmen.

Enugu State Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

This was disclosed by Elder Michael Ugwu, the Olowo of Nimbo, who is a traditional leader in the community affected.

The attack, which occurred on April 25, 2016, put the women in trauma that resulted in day time madness.

Ugwu said, “It was a big blow to us because we never knew such will happen to some of the women.”

“We barely started recovering when the news came that one Mrs. Agnes Ajogu whose husband Okey Ajogu was butchered in her presence by the Fulani herdsmen has gone mad.”

“Though we have observed that since after the attack, the horror of seeing her husband being butchered and his heart removed from his body, her senses were seriously affected, but we thought she would get over it after some weeks only for her to go mad completely.”

“The worst part of the whole thing is that she has nine children and we believe that the thought of how to take care of them might have also contributed to her madness.”

The other two women went into their mental problem due to a similar occurrence.

In a bid to avoid a repeat of the incident, Ugwu reportedly appealed to the state governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, to remove the Fulani herdsmen from the state.



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