Zimbabwe man who stabbed wife to death sentenced to 15 years

A man who stabbed his wife to death over infidelity allegations has been sentenced to prison.

A hunting spear

A Zimbabwe man, Phillip Ndachengetwa, has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for allegedly stabbing his wife repeatedly with a spear after he discovered that she was cheating on him, MyZimbabwe reports.

The sentenced was handed down on Ndachengetwa who is from the Chipinge province by Justice Charles Hungwe after he was arraigned for murder as defined in section 47 of the Criminal law.

Hungwe refused to accept a plea of anger by Ndachengetwa, who told the court that that he was provoked by the wife, deceased Loveness Magodhi, over her infidelity, by telling him he had no right to take a life no matter the provocation.

Ndachengetwa had said:

“I was angry because I was provoked. It was not my intention to kill her. She was leaving me after spending our savings amounting to $ 4, 000 with her lover.”

But the judge responded:

“I cannot accept your plea that you were provoked by her infidelity. That does not give you right to kill.

You killed someone the society expected you to protect despite her shortcomings.”

The prosecutor, Marlvin Musarurwa, told the court that October 24, at around 8am, Ndachengetwa approached his aunt, Loveness Bera who was in the company of his wife and showed her some love letters which he had discovered in Magodhi’s handbag.

Ndachengetwa was advised to separate with his wife amicably since their relationship was evidently failing. After the meeting, he went back with his wife to his home but later, his aunt heard Maghodi scream and she rushed to see what was amiss.

She was to realise that Ndachengetwa had locked his door and was stabbing his wife all over her body with his hunting spear.

After the aunt managed to pulled him from his wife, Ndachengetwa ran away from the village. Maghodi was to die later in the hospital while the culprit was later arrested after a manhunt by the police.


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