Chinese man sticks hand all the way into toilet

A Chinese man stuck his hand all the way into the toilet for a reason most of us would.


A Chinese man stuck his hand all the way into a toilet brimming with poop for one reason; to rescue his drowning iPhone!

He had just finished dumping his load and while he was pulling up his pants, his phone slipped and went straight into the bowl.

But the man wasn't letting it go easily as he went after it straight away.

His determination didn't pay off as his iPhone slipped away. It gets worse for him.

The man's hand got stuck in the toilet and he had to scream for help.

He said:

"My arm was stuck there and waste kept spewing out towards my face. It made me really sick. I just bought the phone so it really hurt to lose it so soon. But had I known the consequences, I would have never plunged my hand inside to try and get it."


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