Organisers cancel “Mr. Model Tabasco 2017” for lack of handsome men

The modelling agency said in a statement that, “Mr. Model Tabasco will continue to work hard to find the perfect example of masculine beauty in the state.”

Eligibility requirements for the contest demanded that candidates should have a height of at least 1,78 m, be between 17 and 27 years old, have a “harmonious face and body”, have a college degree or an education equivalent to their age, speak English, have a valid passport, and not be a stripper.

However, it appears those requirements were just too hard for the contestants to meet. Few days prior to the contest, organizers had only selected 6 candidates.

But eventually, they equally fell below the requirements of agency’s beauty standards, leaving it with no alternative, but to cancel the entire event for this year.

In a statement, the agency said “The National Organization of Mr. Model Mexico regrets to inform you that the Mr. Model Tabasco 2017 event has been canceled until further notice, due to the candidates not meeting the physical requirements established by the organization.”

It further stated that, “Mr. Model Tabasco will continue to work hard to find the perfect example of masculine beauty in the state.”

Lots of preparations had gone into organising the event, including conducting several photo shoots with the initially accepted contestants, promoting the event on TV and online, and at one point rebranding it as “the best national and international male modeling event”. However, the organisers did not hesitate to take the shocking decision.

Some people were of the view that the requirements were too limiting, considering the fact that Mexicans are not exactly known for being tall.

Some of the shocking fans of the pageantry resorted to social media to -express their displeasure.

One Ivan Cervera Ojeda asked on the Mr. Model Tabasco Facebook page “Do you want a representative of Tabasco or a European?”

Another man also asked “Why not have a Mr. Model contest for guys around 1,60 m? Or are we too ugly for being midgets?”

Another raging controversy is the accusation by some people that the organizers have humiliated the 6 accepted contestants by making them feel like they weren’t attractive enough, and also embarrassing the entire state of Tabasco.


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