African man raises storm as 88-yr-Briton wife is locked in nursing home

A 45-year-old African man is raising storm in a UK nursing home as they have refused to release his 88-year-old wife to him.

Ousman Jatta and wife, Berryl

A 45-year-old Gambian man, Ousman Jatta, is raising hell in a Bristol City Council, UK nursing home, threatening to go on a hunger strike if his 88-year-old Briton wife, Berryl, is not released to him.

Jatta believes that his elderly wife is being against her will and would love to go home with him so that he can take proper care of her.

Jatta married Berryl in his home country 13 years ago in 2002, when she was 75 and he 32. After their marriage, husband and wife relocated to the UK and settled down when Berryl became ill with dementia, so she could get better care and treatment.

But about a month ago, Jatta had urgent business to take care of in his home country and place his wife in a nursing home and travelled for three weeks.

But when he came back, the nursing home refused to allow him go withe Berryl, prompting him to threaten fire and brimestone.

and  45, placed his elderly wife in a respite care home while he went to his hometown of Gambia.

However, after he returned home, she was not permitted to return to him.

The devastated Jatta said:

"They have used their power against me to keep my wife in a nursing home against her and my wishes.

I care for her better than anyone and I feel very sad.

Every time I go to the Gambia I contact social services for respite, but they never told me they were going to keep my wife.

I love her and care for her better than anyone.

To me Beryl is not an old woman, she is a human being and no matter how old or young, she is my wife.

I would never neglect Beryl. I love Beryl. I'm feeling bad to see her in a nursing home whilst I am ready to look after my own wife."


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