A Transavia fligh HV6902 was compelled to make an impromptu landing at Vienna after an uncontrollable fight broke among passengers onboard the Amsterdam bound plane travelling from Dubai.

The fisticuff ensued as a result of alleged consistent and loud farting by one of the passengers.

Daily Mail reported that two Dutch men lost their temper, leading to the fight after several warnings to the farting passenger proved futile.

From a video posted on social media, the fight was so intense that not even the intervention by the flight crew members and other passengers could bring the situation under control.

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When eventually the plane made an emergency landing, Vienna police entered the plane and whisked away the four men who were directly involved in the fight.

Daily Mail reported the Transavia Airlines as saying that the passengers were banned from continuing their journey to Amsterdam on that same flight. The only option left for them was to get another airline’s flight to continue their journey.

What is far from clear is whether the farting passenger has any medical condition or is on any medication making him unable to control himself.

Reports say the four men have been left off the hook because Vienna law specifically frowns on their conduct, probably due to newness.