We take gay people to court and set corrupt politicians free

In a classic case of putting the cart before the horse, homosexuality and not corruption has become the focus of the law.

On Thursday, August 3, 2017, a magistrate court in Lagos arraigned 42 suspected homosexuals who were recently arrested at a hotel located at Owode Onirin.

The court confirmed that the group were on July 29, 2017, caught in the act of homosexuality, punishable under the Lagos State criminal law.

The presiding judge, Chief Magistrate Adewale Ojo granted the accused bail in the sum of N500,000 following their not-guilty plea.

It seems my dear country has a knack for producing baffling and downright sad stories. Nigeria is a shock-jock country just like shock jocks on American radio. Shock jocks are on-air-personalities who express deliberately controversial opinions to offend or provoke people. Nigeria is a shock jock nation.

It is sort of puzzling that our dear Nigerian Police Force has weighed the scales and determined that is more important to arrest alleged homosexuals instead of cracking bigger issues.

The last time we all checked, the cult gang known as Baddo is still doing its thing. The respectable detectives in the NPF are more concerned with who sleeps with who than men of the underworld who are committing mass murders in Ikorodu.

All of a sudden, our police officers have become super detectives who deem it fit to arrest alleged gays and ignore hardened criminals. What a sense of priority.

You don't have to support homosexuality to get what I am driving at. If our police officers think it is more important to catch men who like men and not bother about murderers and rapist, then we are in big trouble. The police should not be concerned with people's sexual preferences and orientations. But this is Nigeria.

Let's leave our friends who collect N50 at every check point and focus on the judiciary. Our legal system that has shown it lacks the moral conviction to trial alleged corrupt politicians has all of a sudden sprang up to deliver justice on men who haven't killed or stolen.

The Nigeria legal system is notoriously slow and indecisive when it comes to political cases dealing with corruption. Remarkably it is fast and swift when it comes to an issue such as this.

We don't have our priorities set straight in this country. Alleged gay men who haven't disturbed anyone, who haven't threatened to secede, who haven't killed families or put bombs on children are now our main focus. You don't have to accept homosexuality to understand we are not well in this country.  Yes homosexuality is illegal but so also is corruption.

It's easier for gay people to see the four walls of a court room than a corrupt politician. We have no sense of direction.

People's sexual orientation shouldn't be of public interest anyway. Who you choose to love and how you choose to love is between you and your maker and not the state.

Nigeria is fond of dribbling backwards and scoring own goals. Policemen would rather peek into secret night clubs than go to Ikorodu and do their constitutional jobs.


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