Man beats lover's 5-wks-old baby so bad he suffers Cerebral Palsy, blindness

A 27 year old man has beaten his girlfriends infant baby till he developed blindness and cerebral palsy.

A sick man beat up a 5 weeks old baby till he became blind.

A 27-year-old UK man, Stephen Sweeney will sure get a long stretch in prison after he was found guilty of brutally beating his girlfriend's five-week-old infant baby till it developed Cerebral palsy and became blind from the attack, according to Mirror.


Sweeney who claimed he was tired when he beat up the infant, reportedly shook the new born baby and squeezed his body so tight while he was changing his diapers.

When the poor child was rushed to the hospital, doctors did not think the infant would survive but he did, only that the boy suffered severe brain damage from the shaking.

He is now registered as blind and suffers from cerebral palsy as a result of the injuries.


Prosecutors say Sweeney was on a vacation with his girlfriend, the child’s mother, at the time, when he went to care for the baby in the early morning.

"All of a sudden the boy’s mother heard Sweeney yelling for help. The baby was rushed to the hospital where doctors found he suffered from hemorrhages and bruising.

The child’s condition initially worsened and he had to be taken to the intensive care unit. After the boy began to improve some, the boy’s mother confronted Sweeney."

Sweeney will be sentenced later this month.



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