Man guilty of wife's murder kills himself in court

A man took his own life shortly after he was convicted of killing his wife in court.

Mark and Anne Faville

A man took his own life shortly after he was convicted of killing his wife apparently by killing himself in the courthouse, Daily Mail reports.

Mark Ward Faville, of Virginia, USA was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the death of his wife Anne, who died in 2000 after being suffocated in a homicidal manner.

At first, the death of his wife, teacher Anne Faville appeared to be a tragic accident. It looked like she’d been dining alone and had fatally choked on a piece of chicken.

Even an autopsy confirmed that theory but the behaviour of her husband Mark roused suspicions with police. And when his own children turned against him, people began to question just what Mark really knew about Anne’s ‘accident’.

Before her death, Anne, 52, had reconnected with a high-school sweetheart Chris Crowley online and rekindled their romance. Anne planned to end things with her husband to be with him.

Unfortunately, Mark knew about her plans. He’d grown suspicious and started to follow her everywhere. He didn’t want his wife to leave him.

So he killed her.

Initially, police ruled the death as a tragic accident but Mark’s children insisted that their dad might have played a part in their mum’s death.

After her death, police discovered Anne’s diary at her home, "I am in love for the first time in 33 years. I feel compelled to check my mail… I am having the time of my life."

However, some few years after the case was re-opened and Mark was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and Anne’s family sobbed with relief.

But there was a final twist. As Mark was led away, court officials were heard yelling, "Drop it, drop it." Suddenly, the courtroom was evacuated.

After a few hours, it was revealed that Mark Faville had died from a self-inflicted wound.


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