Some reports flooding social media indicate that a woman who had been pregnant for the past two years has given birth a fully grown lizard at Omoku market in Nigeria’s Rivers state. gathered some of the reactions from Facebook.

The news website reported one Ahamuefuna Ijeoma Darlintina, who it said posted most photos regarding the weird incident as having written on Facebook: “speechless….God forbid….a woman after two years of pregnant…giving birth to a lizard… in market omoku ….it was a shocked to me.”

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Festus Emeka, another user also said: “This is life in omoku market a woman deliver lizard people are wicket in this Word.”

One Jenni Blink wrote: “what a tragedy a woman with 2 years pregnancy finally delivered a live lizard in omoku market today.”

Brown Johnson also expressed shock, saying: “Hmmmm i really dnt know wat dis world is turning into. see wat a woman given birth to in omoku market after 2years pregnancy..i just tire.”

See more photos of the scene below: