4 women lynched on allegation of witchcraft (Graphic Video)

Four women in Papua New Guinea are seen in a sickening video where they are tortured and burnt over witchcraft allegations.

Alleged witch being burnt

Four hapless women were shown stripped, tied up and burned by mob in Papua New Guinea over allegations of witchcraft when a young man fell ill in the village in Enga province, with the video already going viral, reports Daily Mail.

According to the report, the women were accused of 'invisibly taking out the man's heart', in the very traditional Oceanic Isalnd country, where violence and murders linked to sorcery are rife.

The disturbing video appeared to show the four women being tortured by a gang of men after they were accused of witchcraft.

In the video, the women have been stripped naked, tied up, burned and beaten.

The suspects repeatedly deny the allegations, with one woman begging her attackers:

'My son, stop it!'

But one of the attackers replies:

'Talk out, where did you put it? Burn her with the wire.'

Another woman says:

'I've got nothing to do with it. I am a mother with five children.'

The gang later claimed the women returned the man's heart after they were tortured, apparently proving their guilt, while one of the women has reportedly died from the burns she received.

See the video here.


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