19-yr-old pastor impregnates female church founder

A 19-year-old pastor has impregnated his church founder and snatched her from her husband.

The young wife snatcher, Frank Emmanuel

A 19-year-old pastor in Zimbabwe, Frank Emmanuel, has caused a stir after he allegedly impregnated the founder of his church, Bernadette Nyanga, 26, and snatching her from her husband, reports Masasi News.

The woman who is the owner of Hope and Life Ministries based in Dangamvura, has been married for two years to Leslie Mparutsa, but has been having sexual relationships with her young pastor and is currently carrying his baby.

But the 19-year-old pastor has maintained that he did not get another man's wife pregnant because the woman and her husband have been separated and according to him, she was free to date him.

“I am not dating someone’s wife. The two (Bernadette and Leslie) broke up and I don’t know why he is continuously pestering her.

If you want to get the truth, call Bernadette on her Net­One line. Leslie is out to tarnish my image as a man of God as well as that of Bernadette who recently founded her own ministry.

She is a woman of God and some people are misleading Leslie to tarnish our image. I cannot say anything on the alleged affair, why can’t you phone Bernadette?” Emmanuel told reporters

But the bitter husband is not having any of that, accusing Emmanuel of being the cause of the break down of his marriage.

“I have lost my wife of two years to a young pastor in Dangamvura, Frank and the two are spending most of their time together. At one time, I confronted Frank to leave my wife alone, but he told me that Bernadette had lied to her that she had divorced me.

The two continued with their affair. I arrived home last Tuesday night from church and discovered that my wife was not at home. I waited for her return in vain and decided to look for her at Frank’s house in Area 3.

It was around midnight and I was told that he had left and was now staying in Founders area of Nyamauru also in Dangamvura,” he said.

Leslie said followed the two to their new love nest and allegedly caught up with the lovebirds who were walking in the company of Frank’s three body guards.

“The body guards confronted me and told me to leave the two alone. They warned me never to confront their prophet again. I left them and decided to make a police report at Dangamvura Police Station since I had been threatened by them as well as Bernadette’s text messages.

I was advised by the police that it was a civil matter. I was actually forced by her late mother to marry Bernadette. My late mother­-in-­law bankrolled my wedding in December 2013 after I had told her that I did not have the resources for such an occasion.

She said I would repay her later, but unfortunately, she passed on before I paid her money back. My two ­year marriage with Bernadette failed to produce any children and I later discovered that my wife was taking birth control tablets. What is paining me most is her claims that she is now carrying Frank’s baby, yet our marriage is still to be annulled,” the agrieved Mparutsa said.

The things that happened in God's vineyard!


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