Father impregnates daughter in Benue

A randy father has impregnated his own daughter.

The silent Owukpa Community

A randy man who could not keep his eyes off his 21-year-old daughter has thrown the Owukpa community in Ogbadibo Local Government Area of Benue State, into shock and trepidation after he allegedly impregnated the young lady, thereby incurring the wrath of the gods of the land, known as Alekwu.


Idoma Voice, a community newspaper based in the state reports that the man who was only identified by his first name, Ayo, had been secretly having sex with his own daughter for a period of time till she became pregnant.

The man, according to the report, had lived with his family in the south western part of Nigeria and only returned to his country home in Ejule with his daughter and had refused to remarry after he broke up with his first wife and mother of the girl.


But no one knew that his reason for refusing to marry another woman despite pressure from his family was that his daughter actively played the role of a wife for him until she got pregnant.

Even with her tummy protruding, the lady refused to mention who had gotten her pregnant till the deadly Alekwu deity began to torment Ayo and he began to act strangely and gave a full confession of the abominable act that he has been perpetrating with his own blood daughter.

He was reported to have told the elders of the land that he did not know what came over him to sleep with his daughter, blaming the devil for the act.

An elder in Owukpa who spoke with Idoma Voice said it was the greatest abomination for a native to commit incest.


“Before now, if a man puts his daughter in the family way or a brother impregnates his sister, the baby would not live; if the baby escapes the wrath of the gods, the community would have it buried alive or thrown into the bush for ekwembi (bush baby).”

Another villager named Agene, a local farmer however, thanked God for the timely revelation by the deity.

“If not for the powers of Alekwu, that shameless man would not confess to the abomination he committed with his daughter. After his confession, he absconded with his daughter to Ichama, in Okpokwu LGA.”



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