67-yr-old man wants court to dissolve his marriage over wife's cheating

A 67-year-old pensioner wants a Lagos court to dissolve his marriage because his wife is adulterous.

A 67-year-old pensioner, Asimiyu Olayinka, has dragged his wife of 26 years to a Customary Court sitting in Alakuko area of Lagos State, to seek an end to the union due to the wife's infidelity and adulterous lifestyle.


Olayinka told the court that his 54-year-old wife, Fatimah, is so promiscuous that she even brings men to sleep with her on their matrimonial home whenever he is out of the house. He claimed that he once caught her in a brothel with a neigbhour.

Apart from her flirtatious life, Olayinka also told the court that his wife has reduced him into a houseboy as he does virtually everything for her.

"At my age, I still fetch water and wash my clothes. I do practically everything in the house for my wife but she is not satisfied.


I never believed she could engage in extramarital sex until I saw her walk out from a hotel with a co-landlord in our neighbourhood.

She was shocked to see me but I greeted her. It’s been one year since I stopped asking about her movement.

It is painful I can’t do anything as a man. I don’t even know the reason she left her previous marriages. There cannot be peace in our home except we part ways."



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