Jealous man feeds ex-girlfriend with dog food for having sex with her new boyfriend

A man who got angry that his ex-girlfriend slept with another man forced her to eat dog food.

Steven Rozsos forced his ex to eat dog food

A 36-year-old Ohio, USA man, Steven Rozsos, has been arrested for beating and forcing his ex-girlfriend to eat dog food because she had sex with her new boyfriend, reports Worldwide Weird News.

According to the police, Rozsos of Lorain, assaulted his former girlfriend on Saturday night when he told her to come over to his home to pick up a television, adding that he has been sentenced to serve 30 days in jail which was suspended, since he pleaded no contest to assault.

In addition to the jail sentence, Rozsos was sentenced to one year probation and a $250 fine.

The former girlfriend reported to the police that Rozsos spat in her face when she told him that she had been intimate with her new boyfriend. He then punched her in the head several times and pushed her into a chair, kicking her and forcing her. Rozsos then kicked her again and forced her to eat dog food.


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