I’ve been to prison 4 times but can’t stop stealing - 30-year-old Ghanaian woman (video)

A 30-year-old Ghanaian woman has lamented how she has been to prison four times, done everything within her powers to stop stealing but simply can’t resist the temptation.

30-year-old Ghanaian woman who's been to prison 4 times says she can't stop stealing

She made the revelation in an interview posted on the YouTube channel of Crime Check TV GH on January 25, 2022.

According to her, her father had children with six women and allegedly failed to take care of them, so she was forced to steal to fend for herself at an early age.

She recounted that the first time she went to prison was after stealing clothes which resulted in her being sentenced to prison for two years.

The remorseful mother of one added that after regaining her freedom from the prison, hardship pushed her back into her old ways.

She recounted to Crime Check TV GH that she stole five wigs from a shop and got jailed again for nine months.

Detailing the other instances of thievery that landed her in jail, the woman lamented how she has tried over the years to resist the temptation to steal but to no avail.

According to her, she is even baffled at the value of some of the things she steals for which she has to suffer severe consequences.


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