Man finds his friend's butchered body in fertilizer bag [Graphic Photos]

The butchered parts of a 50-year-old man have been discovered by his friend in Udon, Thailand.

Panya Thongsri butchered parts

40-year-old Teerayut Promkhao reportedly visited the deceased in his home at a sugar cane plantation in Udon, Thailand.

Upon his arrival, Promkhao called out to his friend thinking that he was still asleep. When he got no response, his curiosity was piqued and  led him to the kitchen area where he found a trail of blood leading outside the house.


To his shock, Promkhao found his friend’s head and torso stuffed in a fertilizer sack, while his four limbs were stuffed in a bucket, with two large kitchen knives lying around.

Seriously shaken up by his discovery, Promkhao drove in blind panic to the nearest police station.

The victim has been identified as 50-year-old Panya Thongsri, who was reportedly taking care of the plantation for his wife who works in Korea.

A bicycle was found at the murder scene, believed to have belonged to the murderer, who is assumed to have escaped with the victim's Honda Click motorbike. A pot of rice was found steaming on the stove in the kitchen.

The Huay Luang police believe that the murderer had cut the victims body into pieces with the intention of getting rid of it but was disturbed by someone, presumably, Promkhao, which may have prompted his to escape on the bike and abandoned his own bicycle.


The victim was reportedly attacked from behind in so violent a manner that his brains were splattered on the floor.

So far, witnesses have told stories of a land dispute between the victim and his wife as well as other members of her family.

The disagreement reportedly centred around alleged favouritism shown to the victim and his wife to the detriment of other members of the wife’s extended family.

The younger brother of the victim revealed that his brother had told him of a previous attack by his relatives which he had not reported to the police.


The police are reportedly checking for DNA evidence as well as CCTV footage of the area as they struggle to discover the person behind the gruesome murder.



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