A Nigerian man has reportedly inflicted severe injuries on his wife after beating her up for refusing to engage in

Local media reports say the woman who is currently nursing her wounds has consistently suffered physical assault at the hands of her unnamed husband as a result of her refusal to suck his penis.

The sad story was shared online by a Nigerian media personality, Lara Wise. Read her post below:

“What I want to tell you is that make that church your new home don’t bother come to my house because you won’t believe what I will do to u.

Make sure pastor becomes you husband from today and anything you need collect it from pastor. If you want to remain in your matrimonial home as you said then you must do whatever I ask you to do, if not from today you will not have peace with me except you abide by my rules… ”

…”That message from XXXXXXX this morning ooo he has been beating me dis morning bCOs he want me to be socking his pennis… ”

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I spent the better part of yesterday on this horrible case of matrimonial abuse.

Someone called from the hospital where the man had driven his wife to after beating her to a pulp. He beat her up, drove her to the hospital, dropped her there and drove away.

The hospital staff said this girl is a regular here and for the same reason.What this lady told me weakened me. I am surprised she is not dead. But I fear she might very soon if help does not come her way.

I eventually got to speak with her family members who told me the beatings are too rampant. Some months ago, he beat her badly and left her for dead in the rain outside their house.

I immediately arranged for her to be taken to a safe place as soon as she left the hospital. I also arranged for her kids to be picked up from school to be with her.

I have two challenges at the moment and that is why I am sharing this.

1. My phone wiped off some contacts including those of the people (NGOs) I would have reached out to for help over this matter. I need an NGO ASAP. I have this girl’s contact as well as those of her husband and the doctor.

2. This incident happened in Lagos and I am far from there at the moment.

Nigerians, please help save this life.Thank you.