A few weeks ago, a young man went berserk at a wedding ceremony in Ukala community in Delta State, involving a lady he had dated for over 10 years, who was getting married to a man who came in from the United Kingdom and met her just some months earlier.

The young man, according to the reports, decided to go to the extreme and shot the lady, the man and the mother of the lady to death, while the bride and groom were having their first dance.

His grouse was that after dating him for so long, she had to leave him to get married to another man. The mother of the lady, from what was told, had persuaded her to marry the American returnee who came home looking for a wife after staying abroad for over 20 years, and actually did the connection between him and her daughter.

No one is saying that the action the young man took is the best but on Morning Teaser today, we ask: what would you do if your lover of 10 years dumps you to marry someone else?