Robbery suspect regrets attacking woman who led to his arrest

An armed robbery suspect says there are people who are meant to be untouchable as a woman he and his gang robbed turned to be the albatross of his team.

A 20-year-old armed robbery suspect whose name was given as Mustapha, is full of regret that his gang met their waterloo through a woman they robbed in the Bariga area of Lagos State.

Apart from being arrested, the Ogun State born Mustapha said the woman also caused the death of their gang leader.

Narrating his ordeal since their criminal paths crossed with the woman at the state Police Command, Mustapha said:

"Since the day we robbed a woman, a recharge card seller, our gang had not known peace. It was  as if we murdered sleep.

It was  at  Bamiji Lawal Street,  Bariga. We  robbed her of her jewelry and N50,000. It was around 8:30 pm in  front of her house.

We threatened her with a cutlass and she gave  us her bag. We were with a gun, but we did not intimidate her with it because she co-operated.

Why I curse this woman was that immediately we robbed her, she raised the alarm and people called policemen who stormed the place. We ran, but the security agents were faster as they shot dead our gang leader, Suleiman, but three other gang members escaped.

It was a bitter experience and that was why I resolved not to go back to robbery.

I nearly lost my life during the encounter with the police. I went to my grandmother’s house to decide on what to do next.

The first outing I did, I still met the same woman we robbed, she recognised me. She raised the alarm and I was arrested by some boys, who handed me over to the police.

That woman is the cause of my woes. I regret ever participating in robbing her. It is a big lesson to me that it is not everybody you see that you can hurt."


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