'Babalawos' in Cuba want you to expect more natural disasters this year

A priest who practice the Santeria religion held out a letter that contained prophesies for the year 2018.


A video shared by AFP News revealed adherents of the doctrine display some dancing rites before their leaders got down to the business of disclosing what to be expected.

The gathering which saw a mixture of people of African and Hispanic origins also offered cheerful choruses to stir up the mood.

"The 'babalawos' write a 'Letter of the Year' containing prophesies for their followers," a report by AFP revealed.


In the visuals, a group of men mostly dressed in white-coloured outfits spoke about their intentions concerning the anticipated predictions.

A black man named Lazaro Cuesta held out a paper and offered these comments:

"The Letter of the Year is not political. It does not take sides,


"The Letter of the Year doesn't speak to one person in particular. It speaks to everyone," he said.

Cuesta, who is the Vice-President of the Cultural Association Yoruba of Cuba (CAYC), talked about anticipated challenges in Agriculture due to low soil fertility.

"In the ruling sign this year, Osa She is very serious problem of mother earth by low soil fertility, low call human resources to this sector and the rush that is introduced into the ecology level world."

Speaking concerning the rising horrors in respect to a declining environment, he added, "the abundance of today will become tomorrow's shortage."

What is Santeria?


The religion Santeria, also known as La Regla de Ifá, is a doctrine that started in Spanish territories among people of West African origin.

According to Wikipedia, it means "worship of saints" and is connected with Roman Catholicism.

Its sacred language referred to as Lumini, is a variety of Yoruba.

The belief system of the doctrine entails a fusion of Yoruba religion which was introduced by enslaved Yoruba people, combined with Christianity and the practices of the native Americans.

Santeria was born based on a desire to protect the traditions of the races involved in a new cultural environment which happened to be Cuba at the time.


This religion has a long history of existence dating as far as the year 1515.



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