No man can understand women because God put Adam to sleep before he created Eve - Pastor

A senior pastor has asserted that any man who wants to understand women is only building a castle in the air because it is not possible.

Apostle Johnson Suleman

According to Apostle Johnson Suleman, General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) International, it was not God’s intention for men to understand women, that was why he asked Adam to sleep while he created Eve.

While speaking during a sermon, the Nigerian pastor said that women are so complicated that they are the only gender that keeps challenging God.

He spoke about how women would do all sorts of modifications to their bodies, nails, hair, and so on despite their God-given natural features.

Suleman advised men to beware that women always have plan B, so if a man is privileged to be the only plan of a woman he must be grateful and treat her well.

“There is no woman in this world you can understand. If God gives you a good woman, celebrate her. Women were not created for men to understand. God does not want us to understand any woman. Thant’s why when God was creating woman, he told Adam to sleep. If you want peace, sleep. Let God make her what he wants her to be,” he said in a video that has been viewed many times on Instagram.

“Women are the only species that argues with God – God gave them hair; they added their own, God gave them fingernails; they added their own, God gave them lashes; they added their own. By nature, women are wired to have a plan B, so if you’re the only plan they have, celebrate them,” he added amidst loud cheers as women congregants laugh so hard ostensibly because the man of God hit the nail right on the head.

The preaching was so well received that both men and women could not hold back laughter and the pastor had to beg them for silence to enable him to continue. They are seen nodding in agreement with other laughing and falling to the ground.


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