A totally paralysed Pakistani man, who could not breathe, and, therefore, had to be put on oxygen at the hospital where doctors gave him 20 minutes to live, miraculously got healed as he joined Bishop Charles Agyinasare’s Festival of Miracles service in Karachi, via phone.

“While we were praying, he connected to his brother; now the brother is moving in the hospital… The Doctor said in 20 minutes the brother was going to die, he is on oxygen, after prayer, he took off the oxygen and he is beginning to walk”, the Ghanaian founder of Perez Chapel International announced to the sea of Pakistani Christians on the third day of the Festival of Miracles service in the predominantly Muslim country.

Also, an old man who had been confined to a wheelchair, got healed on the same night. “The power of the Lord has touched him”, Bishop Agyinasare said.

At the same miracle service, a woman who was unable to walk for the past three years, could suddenly do so while a young boy who has not been able to speak for the past six year, also received his miracle.

Among the miracle recipients was a 50-year-old woman who has been hard of hearing since birth.

Additionally, a little girl who had a growth on her chest got healed of the tumour during prayers. It disappeared.