Two women arrested for stealing meat in South Africa

Two females were caught after they stole meat in a factory in South Africa.

The two thieves

Two women said to be from Zimbabwe and Kenya respectively, were caught in a South African meat processing firm where they ingeniously wrapped the fresh meat around their bodies and wore their clothes over them, Venas News reports.

According to the report, women who worked in the firm, were caught by the security officers as they were about leaving the company premises with enough meat to last them over a month.

They had successfully passed through the counter because the close circuit television installed in the factory was not working at the time but as they were negotiating a corner, a security man noticed that something was amiss as their upper abdomen was abnormally big. The man alerted other security personnel, who arrived and stopped the women from leaving.

After a thorough search on them, the strange discovery were made. The female thieves were given the beating of their lives before they were handed over to the police.


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