Pulse Picks: 10 weird stories that sparked emotional reactions in 2021

The year 2021 has been one full of numerous bizarre happenings, some of which sparked reactions among Ghanaians.

People used to urinate on me knowing I couldn’t defend myself - Young man with disability (video)

Of all the weird stories that made news headlines this year, here are seven of them that triggered more emotional reactions.


In June this year, the sad story of a homeless single mother and her four school-going children living inside an old toilet for six years emerged and sparked a lot of reactions.

The story of the poor family was shared on social media by @afrimax_tv.


Narrating the family’s ordeal, the woman simply identified as Joslyn disclosed that they once had a decent life but things went bad.

She said that her husband was once a caring man and everyone including the children lived happily until the man suddenly resorted to alcoholism.

According to her, her husband would come home drunk, beat her and the children up, a situation that made their home notorious for domestic unrest.

She further revealed that her husband woke up one day and said he was leaving for somewhere very far and never returned.

The landlord of the house in which the woman and her children were living evicted them six months after the disappearance of the breadwinner.


He had a huge tumour on his face that disfigured his face.

The teenager from Burundi dropped out of school as a result of mockery by peers over a condition he neither prayed for nor contributed to in any way.

It all started when he noticed a pimple inside his mouth and complained to his parents about it. Both he and his parents did not take it seriously, thinking it was just one of such bumps that would die off by itself.


It however remained and kept growing and enlarging till it became a tumour.

Although his parents subsequently saw the need to seek medical treatment, Noah’s father died mysteriously the night before the day they had scheduled to visit the hospital.

After his father’s burial, his mother also died shortly after, leaving Noah in a hopeless situation.

Again, in September, a young man with a disability said people in his community used to deliberately urinate on him, just because they knew he was not capable of defending himself.


The handsome young man identified as Jean Pere was born through a caesarian section and came out with malformed legs.

His father got infuriated with his mother, saying his family didn’t have such a disability, so he would not take the child.

However, Jean Pere’s mother decided to stand by him at the risk of her life. Her husband beat her up many times just because of her insistence to keep the child with a disability.

At a point, he assaulted her and went further to set her ablaze alive but she survived.

It was at this point that she realized that she could die if she did not escape from the constant abuses. They have a house, but if she dares return there with her child, trouble for her.


Then, in October, an awe-inspiring transformation of the life of a 21-year-old man who faced bullying for being born different went viral.

A video report by Afrimax English highlighted the plight of the young man last year, and benevolent people and humanitarian organisations donated towards his treatment through a GoFundMe account.

According to the earlier report that brought him into the limelight, the mother who had lost five children prayed out of desperation to God for another child, saying she would even welcome a disabled child.

Then, when she became pregnant again, she gave birth to Nsanzimana Elie who bullies referred to as a monkey, while others too assaulted him physically.


Now, in the latest video report by Afrimax English, the team has managed to send Nsanzimana Elie to a school for special children where he has been admitted and undergoing training to become useful to his family and society.

The little boy identified as Kami Mugisha Aftan is suffering from a condition called Epidermodysplasia verruciformis (EV), also known as treeman syndrome.

According to Wikipedia, it is an extremely rare autosomal recessive hereditary skin disorder associated with a high risk of skin cancer. It is characterized by abnormal susceptibility to human papillomaviruses (HPVs) of the skin. The resulting uncontrolled HPV infections result in the growth of scaly macules and papules resembling tree bark.


Mugisha’s condition makes sleeping at night difficult and even gets worse when the skin is exposed to sunshine. He keeps scratching the skin due to a combination of itching and pain.

He is bullied at school and schoolmates run away when they see him, saying he is an animal.

In the same month, a man with all two legs amputated opened up on how he managed to keep it secret from his lover for two years of dating until after the exchange of vows on their wedding day.

Ndayisenga Jean De Dieu and Debora met each other in 2018 and became friends before agreeing to be lovers.


During their courtship, they both respected the prior agreement not to have sex before marriage, so the lady did not have the opportunity to discover that the man she intended to marry is an amputee.

Fearing that he might lose Debora if he revealed the secret to her during their relationship, Ndayisenga kept it away from her during the two-year courtship.

It was only after they got home from the wedding venue that Ndayisenga surprised Debora with the truth.

“After showing me who he was, it gave me a million reasons to love him more,” Debora said in an interview with Afrimax English.


In June, the sad story of a primary 1 pupil with a disability, Agnes Mba who crawls 1.5 kilometers to school and does the same back home everyday has touched the heart of Ghanaians.

After her story made headlines, kind-hearted Ghanaians donated to give her better life.

Business mogul and philanthropist Dr Kofi Amoah was one of the donors. He gave out 25,000 Ghana Cedis to help alleviate the plight of the poor little girl.


Despite the disability, Samuel Boayitey who was reportedly abandoned by his parents managed to be in the top four in his class.

Through Give Me Hope Foundation, the NGO that brought his plight to light, some Ghanaians donated monies, part of which was used to purchase a wheelchair for him, with plans to get him to undergo surgery.

Most of his classmates have become graduates and one of them has become a graduate teacher and returned to be his teacher in the primary 1 class.


The weirdly determined young man is said to have a mental problem that makes him forget what is taught in class instantly, so he is unable to pass promotional exams.

He has been in primary 1 since 2006 and most of his colleagues with whom he started are reported to be graduate teachers, doctors and other professionals.

He has stunted growth with ‘malformed’ head size, ostensibly as a result of his condition. His mother lamented how he is so forgetful that when he is sent on an errand to buy one thing, he ends up buying a different thing.

Despite his condition and inability to proceed to the next class, Joseph has refused to give up; he doesn’t want to miss school and is always seen walking briskly and running sometimes to and from school with a lot of determination written all over him.

His current classmates who he is old enough to give birth to have been mocking him, calling him “old man”, but none of those would discourage him.


He said his ambition is to become President someday no matter how long it takes for him to finally move to primary 2 and proceed to eventually graduate in the unknown future.

He recounted how people including even teachers have discouraged him many times by advising him to drop out of school because they think he is wasting his life.



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