American man arrested after he recorded himself having sex with dog

A man who recorded himself having sex with a dog and sending the film to his girlfriend has been arrested.

Dog lover, Billy Joseph-Edward

A 25-year-old Florida, USA man, Billy Joseph-Edward Taylor, has been arrested and arraigned in court on charges of bestiality after he filmed himself sex with a dog and emailed the footage to his girlfriend, reports

According to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s department, the girlfriend was so mad at what Taylor did that she promptly broke up with him and gave the footage to the cops.

While waiting for the police to arrest her former boyfriend, the lady also found several other files on his computer where he had done dirty acts with dogs, and handed them to the police.

Taylor was then arrested and charged with sexual activities involving animals.

A police report also has it that this was not the fist time Taylor would be getting into trouble with the law as he has two previous arrests.

In 2009, he was arrested after selling two class rings and a wedding band that were stolen. Taylor sold the stolen jewelry for $150, in an attempt to buy tattooing equipment, hoping to open his own business and end his chronic unemployment. At the time of his arrest, Taylor was also found in possession of a stolen camera.


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