A lady identified as Ada Ezeudo from Mgbuke Umunnachi in Nigeria’s Anambra state has reported lost her life after the wife of a married man she was allegedly dating attacked and killed her.

The incident is reported to have occurred in Ifitedunu in the same Aambra state where her corpse was found lying along a road with a note placed beside her.

The note reads: “I told you to Live My Husband Alone you really think I’m juking by coming to Akuzu. R.I.P. Asawwo Girl”

Young women dating married men mostly for material gains has become a disturbing trend which leads to some of them snatching the men from their wives eventually.

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It appears some women are getting wild in order to protect their marriages.

Hopefully, police in the area will investigate the death and figure out the actual cause and bring the perpetrators to book.