The latest development is that, police in South Africa have allegedly arrested the supposed dead man identified as Elliot/Brighton, ostensibly following his involvement in the shameful prearranged “resurrection”.

According to The Citizen, Azania Mosaka interviewed one Vincent, who Brighton had worked for at a wood-working factory in Pretoria, and has revealed that the young man was arrested on Tuesday, February 26.

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“I got word from one of the guys that works for me that knows Brighton, I believe they arrested him today,” Vincent told Azania Mosaka during the Tuesday edition of her show on 702. “Can you imagine what a life he’s had? He’s worked for me, he died, he was resurrected and now he’s been arrested.” 

Vincent added that Brighton was in good health and strength the last time he reported to work.

He further revealed that his employee who he described as a smart guy is gaining notoriety in indulging in such pranks, saying he had previously pretended to be wheelchair-bound for the pastor to heal him.