Australia set to launch giant selfie project

Rather than the usual close up face shot which characterises selfies, the Giga Selfie will show users not just their lovely faces, but will also zoom into the image subjects surroundings.

Move over Kim Kardashian, Australia is set to knock the reality star off her selfie throne with the introduction of Giga Selfie, billed to be the world's biggest selfie service.


The Giga Selfie will use a super high definition camera and cellphone technology to take super large photos.

Travelers using the service will stand on a designated spot on the beach and use a "Giga Selfie" app (which is only available on that day) on that spot on their smart phone to trigger a distant camera.

An enormous selfie is then emailed to them as a short video clip which starts as a close-up of their face and zooms out to reveal the surrounding scenery.


Cool right?

The service will reportedly be available on Australia's Gold Coast this weekend.

The project, according to project launchers Tourism Australia, is a part of a bigger campaign aimed at luring "a younger and social media savvy Japanese consumer."

TA's general manager in media and communications, Leo Seaton, stated that Gold Coast is one of the most popular and visited Australian destinations amongst the Japanese making it the perfect backdrop for something like this.

The new global campaign will place more focus on Australia's aquatic and coastal experiences,


But why Japan, you may wonder?

According to TA's managing director John O'Sullivan,Japan is a key market for Australia's tourism sector, with Japenese visitors contributing $980 million annually.

So, what do you think? Would you be interested in taking a giant selfie if this project spreads to other destinations if the Australian maiden outing is successful? Share your thoughts with us.



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