School bully sets 13-year-old girl’s hair on fire

Young Neveah Robinson has been traumatised since a bully from her school set her hair on fire.

Neveah Robinson

According to reports, the Philadelphia student was waiting at the bus stop after school when another student set her hair ablaze using a lighter. This unfortunate incident not far away from her school.  

Although little Neveah suffered injuries on her scalp, her mother said her hairstyle which is usually braid thick on her head, prevented the fire from extending further on her scalp. 

In an interview with the local TV station, Neveah recounted the horrifying experience in a tearful voice. She said, “I panicked because I thought I was going to die because it burnt my head so bad. It was very traumatizing.”

Initially, she tried to control the fire by patting it out. All this while other students just looked on, laughing at her. 

Doctors confirmed that the young victim had first degree burns on her scalp. According to her mother recounting the conversation, the doctors had with her, Neveah’s hairstyle literally saved her life. 

Her mom, Tanya Robinson told reporters that this isn’t the first time her daughter had been bullied at school. And this time she wants the bully to be dealt with accordingly. Tanya Robinson said, “I called the police soon as they came home, took her to the hospital. I have spoken to the school district. Talked to the principal at the school. I want expulsion!”

She said people who set girls on fire should be in schools. Philadelphia police are investigating the incident. 

Now Neveah Robinson wears a scar to hide her injuries. But the pain from her injuries cannot be hidden. 


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