What better way to kill your loneliness and overcome your apparent lack of "vim" in approaching women than to BUY one.

Yes, you read that right, Vietnamese brides were being offered on sale for 9,998 yuan (US$1,500) each on China's Taobao as part of a very popular Singles Day shopping festival.

“Vietnam bride wife double-eleven shopping spree,” a post read at about 4pm on Wednesday, referring to Singles Day, an annual online shopping extravaganza held on November 11 each year that was launched seven years ago by e-commerce giant Alibaba.

“[For] only 9,998 yuan, bring a beautiful wife home,” the post added.

The post featured a photo of Zhang Ziyi, a Chinese actress and model, and claimed to have 98 “items” in stock ready to be shipped from Yunan province to anywhere in China.

According to the seller’s profile on Taobao, identified as Wang Xiao Xi’s Gift Shop, the shop had sold 2,568 items over the past thirty days with the most popular being socks sold at 1.6 yuan per pair.

The post selling Vietnamese brides was no longer available by 4.30pm.

And yes, maybe it is time to get yourself an Asian lover with your Visa card (if you're into that kind of thing)