Youth player promised to bang Liverpool Captain’s 3yr-old daughter

The boy who is not named for legal reasons made the statement when Gerrard posted a photo of his family on Instagram.

A Rochdale youth player who wants to have carnal knowledge with one of Steven Gerrard’s young daughters is reportedly facing sack.

Gerrard’s post read; ‘My World’, and the boy commented ‘I’d bang your girl Stevie.’

The Police have set in to investigate the matter but cannot proceed until Gerrard makes an official complain.

The young player has been termed a pedophile by some people.

A supporter who craved anonymity said of the player:

'It was right out of order. I don’t know what he was thinking but sicko remarks like that – especially put under his own name – beggar belief. The girl is only three.

'This was a fellow footballer and a supposed rising star at that.

'He should clearly know better than to make horrible remarks like this for all the world to see.'


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