A jilted man in Malawi has stirred the hornet's nest yet again by leaking nude photos of his ex-girlfriend because she dumped him for another man.

According to Face Of Malawi, the bitter man was angry that after spending a lot of money on the lady, she decided to dump him for another man who is richer.

According to the site, the nude photos belong to a popular young lady only identified as Charmaine Asedi and it is understood the naked photos were leaked by her boyfriend after their relationship went sour.

This is not the first time nude photos from that country would be making the headlines. In July,  an 18-year-old girl identified as Lindiwe, whose father is a popular television preacher, caused serious sensation and condemnation as her nude photos leaked on social media and has since gone viral.

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Another lady, Juliet Robina Chikafa, was also put to shame when her nude photos were put up on the social media by her rival after she sent them to a man they were both dating.

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See the nude photos here.

Another nude photo.