The father-of-six who hails from Uro-Irri, Isoko South LGA of Delta State, married his wives on Sunday, March 26, 2017, much to the admiration of his people.

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Now the 39-year-old says he is very happy in his marriage and says he has derived more joy and happiness since the day his wives were presented.

Speaking with Sunday Telegraph, Omamuzo said:

"The senior wife has 4 children while the junior one has 2. I present them traditionally, to know whether they truly love me and to also know if they are happy with themselves.

"The senior one takes care of this place I sell planks while the junior one takes care of where I am selling building materials. I approached the senior one first and she agreed likewise the junior one too."

Speaking on his reasons for marrying the two women, Omamuzo said, "The reason why I married them is to make sure that I am comfortable and I don’t look out again for other women."

On being able to satisfy both women sexually, he said: "That one no be problem at all. Me I be fire for fire! Truly, NEPA no dey take light for my side.

"I can meet them twice every night if I want to and the women are ever ready. In fact, there is no definite date of meeting any of them. I can visit any of them at any time because they live in the same house with me, though in different flats."

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"They enjoy me and I too enjoy them and because of their readiness at all time that is why I decided to marry them. Truly, dem dey satisfy me well well! They make me not to go outside to mess up myself with other women. We eat from the same pot. There is no discrimination because we love each other and respect each other view."

Omamuzo got married to his wives, Janet and Osioni in March and seem to be living life up, as as shocking as this might sound, this kind of relationships are not strange in the Delta state region.