Cleaner returns Ghs 27,839 she found in airport toilet

In that circumstance and the amount of money involved it is only few God fearing people who would think of doing what the lady identified as Charity Bassey did.

The beautiful lady said a passenger had drawn her attention to something in the toilet and “I went in and saw the small black nylon on the floor.

“It looked dirty and rough, you won’t know it is money that was inside it. I picked it, felt some notes inside and took it to the customer care.

“I was given a glove to bring out the contents and I counted 60 pieces of $100 dollar bills.”

Apparently, it was one of the passengers that mistakenly left the package in the toilet.

Under normal circumstances, one would have expected that either the owner of the money or the airport authorities would have shown a form of appreciation to the faithful lady by rewarding her with a token, but that was never the case.

Charity Bassey said: “Nobody gave me anything, the manager, company or even the owner who later came back looking for the money. I am however, not discouraged as I do my best to do a good job with clear conscience.”

She added: This is not the first time I am picking up forgotten items like wallets, phones, small bags and even money. I have always returned them to the frontline desk or customer care desk.”

Well, good reputation is better than riches. Charity would probably be in some trouble if she had chosen to hide the found money for personal gain.


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