Woman forgives jailed youngster who murdered son, says his death was ordained

Rukiye Abdul in an emotional video offered words of forgiveness to the man who murdered her son, Suliman Ahmed.


The visuals which was created by a humanitarian organization called Human Kind revealed a rare example of mercy shown by the bereaved person who mentioned that her son's killers, three in number, left him in the gutter.

She extended the forgiving spirit to the mother of the jailed person, who also received a hug from Abdul. Her comments in the clip saw her mention that hatred is not a path she hopes to journey on in respect to the offender.

"I don't hate you, I can't hate you, it's not our way," she began while addressing the prisoner in a court.


"Showing rahmah (mercy), that is our way.

"And you were a baby. And you are still a child. His death was already ordained.

"Maybe the purpose is to save your life. Because you are not going to be killed by this society.

"My family will like very much to be part of your seeing a better way of life. So that this does not repeat itself because I will always be a part of your life.

"Any life that you take is not just one life. It is all that is connected to that life," says Abdul.


In respect to the desire of her family in connection to the murder of her son, she expressed that her family does not require revenge as it offers no solution.

According to the big hearted woman, this will not bring back her son.

Further in the video, Abdul was seen shaking hands with individuals believed to be family members of the incarcerated young man who responded to her kindness with the expression, "Ms. Abdul, I want to say that I'm sorry."

It was an emotional encounter for Abdul who was able to find healing in the court meeting.


She confirmed from her interaction with the murderer and his family a sense that they have been forgiven by her actions.



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