A 43-year-old woman from Tennessee is suing the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) after she claimed a TSA agent had allegedly broken her hymen during a physically abusive body search.

Jane H. Lewis alleged that she was pulled out of a security line after a female TSA agent asked her to step aside and invited her to a private room to perform a standard pat-down.

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According to her, the female TSA agent started to fondle her buttocks and her breasts before telling her to “drop her panties” and “spread out” her legs wide open.

She told News reporters that “She told me it was just a casual check-up for drug paraphernalia and that I had nothing to worry about if I wasn’t hiding any drugs on me.”

In tears, the then 43-year-old virgin recounted that “She sat me down on a table, told me to drop my panties and to spread out my legs. I was completely shocked.

“After she had inserted three fingers in my vagina, she started licking her fingers and touching herself, moaning.


“She kept winking at me and telling me I was a naughty, naughty girl.”

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Public Relations officer, James Ferguson, said TSA agents are at liberty to conduct body cavity searches, either a visual search or a manual internal inspection of body cavities for prohibited materials, such as illegal drugs, money, jewelry, or weapons.

However, Jane H. Lewis said she has suffered intense psychological trauma from the abusive pat-down because she was still a virgin at the time the TSA agent broke her hymen.

She recounted to news reporters, “When I started bleeding, she asked me if I was in my period but I said I wasn’t and that she had broken my hymen.

“When she realized I was a virgin, she smiled and told me it was cute and joked that she was my first one.

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“I don’t know what makes me most angry: the fact that she made me lose my virginity or that she never wore any gloves.” According to the worldnewsdailyreport.com, Los Angeles International Airport officials have temporarily suspended the female TSA agent with pay until an internal investigation has been concluded.

The female TSA agent at the center of the controversy has declined all interviews with the media and her lawyer has formerly denied all accusations.