Parents of a 2-year-old boy from Indonesia are reportedly planning to take him to the hospital for treatment to help him quit smoking following his unflinching addiction to cigarette.

The toddler identified as Rapi Pamungkas is reported to have picked up the habit of smoking from collecting discarded cigarette butts around his mother’s market stall.

Having developed the habit of smoking at that tender age, the youngster then started begging passersby in his native city of Sukabumi for cigarette, and they gave him reluctantly out of shock.

According to the, Rapi’s mother, Maryati has admitted to supplying the little child with two packs of cigarette on a daily basis which he uses to take coffee and cake.

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She said failure to provide the two packs, the toddler would be restless.

“He has been smoking every day for around two months. If I don’t give him a cigarette, my child goes berserk. If Rapi doesn’t get cigarettes he cannot sleep. He will start rampaging and crying,” Maryati said.

Indonesia is said to be one of the countries in the world with the highest rates of smoking, with around 9% of its citizens under the age of 18 smoking regularly.

2-year-old boy smokes 40 cigarettes a day

Meanwhile, Rapi is not a trailblazer in smoking at such a tender age. In 2010, a report of another two- year-old Ardi Rizal from Indonesia’s South Sumatra province smoking 40 cigarettes in a day went viral.