There is a mad rush especially by women to go spend time at this penis branded park near the coastal village of Sinnam in South Korea.

According to the, the bizarre penis-themed park was built to keep the spirit of a late virgin happy.

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The late virgin and bride-to-be reportedly died after her fiancé who was a fisherman had left her on a rock and went fishing. She then drowned when a storm erupted.

Further reports suggest that after the drowning of the said virgin, her spirit had been so angry that all fishes in the surrounding waters disappeared. Things only normalized after the park full of expertly carved penises was built to appease her.

Visitors to the park are treated to 300 erect phallic statues of different sizes and shapes, and interestingly, statistics show that out of the 12,000 visitors who patronize the park every year, women constitute 60 percent.

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The penis park which was opened to public in 2007 is believed to be the largest collection of penises in the world and fast gaining popularity.