A wedding party was brought to a temporary halt after a man present at the party believed to be the pastor who could not withstand the seductive twerking by one of the bridesmaids, interrupted the music and rebuked everybody at the venue.

The incident is said to have happened in Zimbabwe where a couple identified only as Emmerson and Yvonne tied the knot.

When it got to the time for entertainment, one batch of dancers had finished entertaining the guest, but one of the bridesmaids among the next batch took the whole thing to a different level, as she twerked and shook her buttocks with no regards for the elders and the men of God present.

The man then got up and instructed the Disc Jockey to halt the music.

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He then grabbed the microphone and said: “Right, DJ excuse, listen to what is being said from the mic, we are celebrating here but we want to notify each other that what is important is to celebrate.

“These people (bridal train) will dance and return to their parents’ homes but the wedding was organised by Emmerson and Yvonne who at the end of the day we want blessed.”

The unhappy pastor did not leave out parents and elders at the venue. He said: “The dances that are happening here, parents and elders, you are all watching and when they finish twerking they want to be intimate, they are not brides.

Don’t entertain these things, saying it is today’s generation, you are promoting immorality in church, we may rejoice but when they leave they want to be intimate, this is nonsense. At the end of the day, you are going to have pregnancies that’s why we implore elders to monitor rehearsals to see if moral behaviour is taking place.”

Watch the video below:

Bridesmaid’s ‘killer’ twerking forces pastor to stop wedding party