A man from Tanzania was compelled to report himself to the nearest police station after a bag he had stolen from an old woman refused to come down from his head.

The man reportedly told police that he made every effort within his powers to get the load off his head, including lying on the ground, but to no avail.

Fearing to be lynched if members of the public got to know about his ordeal, Frank Buhet thought it wise to hand himself over to the police who would be more professional in dealing with him.

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Even at the police station where the thief was hoping to have some relief, the said mysterious bag still hanged on Frank Buhet’s head; the police could not help him.

According to reports, the man walked from one road to another, spent a lot of time in town with the hope of getting help, but it all proved futile.

He thought surrendering himself to the police could lead to identification of the said old woman so he could also have some respite.

A video of the incident has gone viral online.

Thief reports himself to police as stolen bag refused to come down