If you are a young man who takes delight in dating older women because of their wealth, then this piece of advice is just meant for you.

A single mother of five children, Hannah Myles Koufie has cautioned that, young men who date older and single mothers with the intention of just taking advantage of their wealth, are jeopardizing their future.

The founder of Oyema Foundation, a nongovernmental organisation, said when single mothers do not have husbands around them, it subjects them to exploitation by all sorts of young men who are only interested in extorting resources from the women.

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It is equally public knowledge that, despite the fact that some young men have made the trend a goldmine, some older women themselves are more interested in dating younger men for reasons of better sexual satisfaction. It is a global state of affairs in which wealthy old women have even resorted to advertising themselves on the internet to attract young men for sex partners who they pay regularly.

However, Mrs. Myles Koufie wondered why in the midst of numerous single young women, present-day young men are rather interested in dating women who are old enough to be there mothers.

“there are so many single women around, why don’t you go in for them? Except you have your own motive,” she asked.

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The 65-year-old single mother who has had the experience of young men attempting to make advances to her, warned that all the young men taking advantage of older women will definitely pay for their deeds.

“Some single mothers are rich and you the young man, you want when they set up the table you have your Beer, your big meat and all those and you are happy, but if you don’t think about the future you will regret. It will get to a time when she will hold you for all that she has done for you in the past,” she cautioned.