Wedding fiascos of the year

Marriage is basically supposed to be a lifelong bond between a man and a woman, so having gone through all the preliminary stages of a relationship and to finally resolve that they want to live under one roof, one would have thought that the parties would have done sufficient due diligence over the period.

A stock photo of a couple showing off their wedding rings.

However, it is baffling to see some people, especially women come to the wedding venue only to appear to have had a change of mind.


Some of them go through the entire process to get the ring placed on their finger, but when it gets to the climax of kissing, they refuse to kiss and to be kissed, turning the event into tragicomedy. 

In October, a bride was pictured on her wedding day looking so sad that people have been wondering what could have been bothering her. Some people even speculated that she was probably not pleased with the groom because of the apparent age difference.


However, as if to put critics to shame as they posted new photos a few days later which show them kissing passionately during their honeymoon.

Early last month, a viral video showed a groom anxiously walk to his veiled bride at a wedding venue and lifted the veil in an attempt to kiss her, as instructed by the pastor.

Unfortunately and incomprehensibly, the bride declined and turned her face away.

Apparently having seen the gesture, the pastor called for a rewind of the kiss, yet the stubborn bride worsened the matter by rudely and visibly turning down the kiss.


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As if that was not rude enough, she walked away angrily, leaving the embarrassed groom, pastor, families and people shocked.

Barely three weeks later in that same month, drama ensued at the Ikoyi court Registry in Lagos when a bride who claimed to be a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses church refused to kiss her groom during a court marriage.


An Instagram user, The Proffwho shared a video of the incident said the lady’s entrenched position delayed the marriage ceremony for about 20 minutes, as the court officials also refused to proceed with the ceremony unless the bride kissed the groom.

Also making headlines was a South African groom who refused to repeat marriage vows after the pastor officiating his wedding.

Linda Mthethwais seen in a viral and widely condemned video bluntly refusing to say "till death do us part" and "for richer or poorer", even as the pastor insisted that he did.


The wedding took place in Ntuzuma, KwaZulu-Natal where Linda tied the knot with his wife identified as Tiny Mthethwa, with whom he already has three children.

His conduct at the event triggered backlash from social media users, some of whom thought did not deserve the woman he got married to.

Meanwhile, in an interview after the shameful incident, Linda said the pastor had no right to determine what should cause a breakdown or success of his marriage.

He is quoted as saying: “I have been with my wife for a very long time. I was not going to allow some pastor tell me that only death will do us part. Why must we involve death in our vows like one of us has to kill the other?”

Linda reportedly added that the cost of the wedding had already rendered him poor, and he has no hopes of getting any richer in the future. He therefore thought it unnecessary to repeat ‘for richer or poorer’ after the pastor.


In August this same year, a side chick who was apparently disappointed to learn that her boyfriend was getting married to another woman devised a rather extreme way to disrupt the marriage ceremony.

The angry lady bought and wore her own wedding gown and invaded the chapel at the time her boyfriend and the bride were standing before the officiating priest apparently waiting to exchange the vows.

She headed straight to the altar where the bride and the groom were standing with the priest but was restrained by another man.

She then began to grumble in a strange language that no one could understand, ostensibly expressing her disappointment.


Both the bride and the groom were so shocked that they stood motionless as the woman resisted efforts to move her out of the venue. 

Similarly, drama was truly defined at a wedding venue on Sunday, 25th November 2018 in Nigeria’s Immo state when a married woman stormed the venue and poured red oil on the white wedding gown of her husband’s new bride.

Reports say the polygamous manhad gone to the Apostolic church at Nkwo Orji in Owerri North area of the state to tie the knot with a second woman, but the pastor of the church declined to be a party to the event, let alone officiate it because the man was already married.


Determined as he was, he proceeded to another church within the same area called the Altar of prayer Gospel ministries where its pastor accepted to officiate the marriage.

However, hilariously, the groom’s aggrieved first wife walked in with a bowl of red oil and poured it on the gorgeous looking bride, disfiguring her gown completely.

A video circulating online shows the bribe making an attempt to retaliate, but was restrained by the groom.



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