Man looks enviable after eating pizza for 367 days back-to-back

Brian Northrup, aka “Lord of Pizza” from New Jersey embarked on this weird adventure just to prove that, you can still lose weight while eating your favorite foods.

It is for this reason nutritionists advise against excessive consumption of fast and fatty foods.

However, one man recently proved that you can actually eat pizza every single day and still maintain a healthy figure.

Brian Northrup, aka “Lord of Pizza” from New Jersey embarked on this weird adventure just to prove that, you can still lose weight while eating your favorite foods. He resorted to eating one medium Domino’s pizza every day for 367 consecutive days.

The curious young man documented the whole project on his Instagram page, posting photos of every pizza he ordered, and on YouTube where he posted videos of himself eating them.

At the end of the year-long experiment, Northrup had lost about five pounds and was in an enviable shape. Wondering how he did it?

The Pizza fan said “If you see me, a relatively small guy, who was never a good athlete … I want to be a reminder of what’s possible through hard work.

“Too often have I heard trainers, fitness ‘gurus’ and even doctors tell people: ‘You can’t outwork a bad diet.’ I believe all of those people vastly underestimate what is possible through hard work.

“Just look at Michael Phelps; the man became arguably the greatest athlete in the world on a diet he claimed consisted of pizza as well as a lot of other commonly labelled ‘bad’ foods on a daily basis.  I think a good diet is highly dependent on the individual and it is more important to focus on making sure your diet includes everything you need, than what you need to cut out.” he adds.

While eating just about every type of Domino’s pizza multiple times, Brian Northrup also adopted an intense fitness regime, which included an hour of full body lifting sessions 3-4 times per week, and around 20-30 miles of cardio each day. He claims that he not only managed to lose some weight, but he is also in much better shape than when he started the challenge.

“Burning off calories is not my reason for working out, to me that’s putting the cart before the horse. Basically, I eat more in order to work out more – as opposed to working out more so that I can eat more,” he told LAD Bible. “That may seem like a silly shift in semantics, and maybe it is, but if so it’s a silly shift that has lead me from being unable to run from one class to another for 60 seconds straight, to running double digit miles daily.”

The Lord of Pizza also consulted his doctor several times during the 367 -day challenge, just to make sure his cholesterol and sodium were in check. He says that the results were “well within the range of what is considered to be healthy”.

On the final day of his PIZZAPOCALYPSE challenge, Brian Northrup ate three medium pizzas, and still managed to be 5 pounds lighter when he got on the scales the next day.

Interestingly, Northrup isn’t the first person to prove that you can actually keep in good shape and even lose weight while eating foods that are usually considered dieting no-no’s. Earlier this year, a man managed to lose 32 pounds while eating only ice-cream for 100 days, and three years ago, a science teacher lost 37 pounds while going on a McDonald’s diet for 90 days.


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