“When last did you thank your wife after sex?” - Female pastor blasts men (video)

A female pastor has chastised married men for failing to appreciate their wives after sex, saying “ingratitude is a killer”.

“When last did you thank your wife after sex? - Female pastor blasts men (video)

Aside from showing gratitude after sex, the Nigerian woman of God said it is important that men thank their wives regularly for accepting to marry them.


In respect of sex, the counsellor and philanthropist, Funke Felix-Adejumo said women place more premium on it than just pleasure. She said that for a woman to give her body to a man, “it is a lot”.

While preaching during a recent sermon in a church, she urged married men to be grateful to their wives for marrying them, and also after having sex with them.

She bemoaned how hard it has become lately to hear people express gratitude to others for things done for them, an attitude she said some people extend to God too. According to her ingratitude has become the order of the day.


“Ingratitude is a killer and it is so disturbing that some people, not only do they show it to God but also to men. As a man, when last did you thank your wife for marrying you?

“When last did you thank your wife after having sex with her? She gave you her body. Don’t tell me we enjoyed it together. When a woman gives her body to you, it is a lot. To a woman, sex is more than ‘oh let’s just have pleasure’,” Funke Felix-Adejumo said.



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