1 day-old baby abandoned inside bush in Abuja

A day-old baby was found after it was abandoned by its mother.

Abandoned baby

Residents of Barwa village along the Airport Road in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, were thrown into a shock when a day-old baby was found abandoned in the bush.


Esther Isaac, a resident who was the first to see the poor baby hidden in a hole covered with grasses, said she was coming back from her farm in the evening when she heard the cries of a baby and traced the sound to the strange discovery.

“I was coming back from my farm when I heard the cries of a baby, so I traced the sound and to my greatest surprise, I saw a naked in a hole newly dug and covered with grasses.

I had to wrap the baby with a piece of cloth and carried her to the district head of the village."


The district head of Barwa village, Malam Ishaku Nana, also said:

“We took the baby to Iddo Divisional Police Station after cleaning and buying her new clothes.”



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