Woman and husband give birth to 3 children before knowing they're siblings

A woman and her husband who have been blessed with three children have separated after realising that they are siblings.

Woman and husband give birth to 3 children before knowing they're siblings

Mukandamage Domitila, from Rwanda, said when it got to her knowledge that she had had an incestuous relationship with her blood brother and even gave birth to three children she had to go into hiding.

“I was confused and started hiding from people. I even stopped fetching water..." she said in an interview with AfriMax.

Domitila’s mother died just a year after she was born in 1978. Then, a few years later her father too passed away.

She had many siblings but they all grew up in different families, so she didn't know her brother although relatives told her she had one.

Domitila grew up and started working as a househelp and then met a man in Kigali, but they both did not know that they were consanguineous.

After falling in love and giving birth to three children, the two lovers then realised that they were born by the same father and mother.

According to Domitila, the discovery affected her so badly that she lost self-esteem.

She recounted how her children suffered bullying because of the inadvertent mistake by their parents which they had no hand in.

As the bullying became unbearable, she was compelled to separate from her brother who now doesn’t want to have anything to do with the children.

Domitila now single-handedly fends for herself and the three children, the first and second of whom are suffering from different conditions.

In her interview with AfriMax, she appealed for help from kind-hearted people to build a house for her and the children. She also wants to see her children attend school to become useful in the future.


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