Reports say the unnamed woman chose the criminally cruel manner to kill her husband following an argument regarding money.

Instagram user, Tundeednut posted a disturbing video of the scene with a caption: “A very gruesome video is trending online showing the moment a wife watched her husband die after poisoning him.

“According to reports, the woman poisoned her husband following an argument over money. She watched him struggle to breath before he finally passed away as she filmed the shocking incident. It is believed that the incident happened few days ago in Congo.”

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Woman poisons husband, films him as he struggles for breath till he dies
Woman poisons husband, films him as he struggles for breath till he dies

Many social media users who were courageous enough to watch the video have expressed disgust and sadness, calling the said woman wicked.

Meanwhile, another Instagram user identified as Sosoblessedx who claims to know about the incident confirmed its veracity, but pointed out that it did not happen as a result of disagreement over money.

He said: ”This isn’t what happened, I know this man he used to live in London moved to France and then moved to Norway to be with this woman. They were having issues that didn’t necessarily concern money, she was supposed to be introduced to the family at some point this year she was his wife to be.

“Whatever it is that led to this isn’t a good enough reason to do such. She told the family the next morning that he’s dead and sent them this video (family in Congo) including his daughter.

“His family asked who was recording she said it was the ambulance crew. When you can hear her saying “god what is this?” And she goes on to call him “a bad child” (in my language). It’s sad and I believe this video shouldn’t be shared. She said it was an epileptic fit but it wasn’t coz he’s never had any medical problems (information from family).

“She won’t go Scot free that’s all I know cos this is wickedness she poisoned him for sure. This didn’t happen in Congo it happened in Norway.”

Please, viewer discretion advised.

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